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Mission Statement

To provide personal training and nutrition guidence/content at an affordable rate in order for clients to acheive their fitness and nutrition goals. Just like the food industry "makes it hard to eat healty" so does the fitness industry. The end goal is to help out veterans by donating to different veteran non-profits but mainly the Semper Fi Fund. I will be giving 5% of all profits to these veteran organizations. If you would like to donate to them directly here is the link. person


This site is going to be a place where you can go to get free daily and weekly fitness and nutrition tips. I am working on content daily and soon to come are outdoor bootcamps and events. I will be offering different apperal and gear as well at an affordable rate.


I have been training with Ryan for the past few months and have never felt better. I was struggling with rheumatoid arthritis, and needed some motivation to get my life back. Ryan is extreamly knowledgeable about fitness and took my condition into consideration when planning my sessions.

Ryan pushes me hard during our sessions and I have noticed a massive difference in my strength and overall level of fitness. Ryan always stresses the importance of proper form, not only to get the best results but to avoid the risk of injury. His passion for fitness and overall well being for his clients is astounding. I couldnt be happier that I have had the chance to work with Ryan, it has certainly been a life changer for me. Ryan has even accommodated to my schedule and needs and has done in home training sessions.

Felicia Falise

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When you buy a tee shirt receive $5 off a training session!

Stay Active

I will be signing up for mutiple events that you will be able to track my progress on. The first event is a 5 mile run. I am also signed up for the Ironman 70.3 in Atlantic  City, New Jersey on September 23, 2018

What are the two fastest ways to loose weight and drop body fat?

I will go in-depth on these two with upcoming content and i will let you know when the content is posted. The answere is fasting and keto or a hybrid of both.